Gearing Up for the Blues Crawl

inNewson January 9, 2014


Yesterday, Music Maker Artist Services Coordinator Aaron Greenhood and Program Associate Rebecca (B) Parsons met with the Sunrise Preservation Group in Southern Pines, NC. They met to plan for the annual Blues Crawl, and this is the first year that Music Maker is the exclusive booking source for the event. Blues Crawl venues include the Sunrise Theater, Eye Candy, the Wine Cellar, O’Donnell’s, and Rhett’s.

Here are some highlights from the article (Read the full piece here in Southern Pines’ The Pilot):

  • “By working with Music Maker we are bringing a much more authentic and roots-oriented blues experience to the Blues Crawl festival.” – Herb Cameron, president of the preservation board
  • “The event is a great fundraiser for the Sunrise Theater, and I believe our artists will draw nice crowds and provide a night of entertainment to remember.” – Aaron Greenhood
  • “It is very rare to see an organization like this that cares so deeply about its artists.” – B Parsons

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