Freeman Vines’ Studio Needed a New Window, and the Music Maker Family Delivered

inTheir Needson July 20, 2021

Greg Pugliese, Freeman Vines and Ross Wells

By Gabi Mendick

Ross Wells and Greg Pugliese spent the Fourth of July in Fountain, North Carolina. The two “mostly retired” old friends who worked together as carpenters years ago, volunteered their holiday weekend and their expertise to lend a hand at Freeman Vines’ studio, aka Music Maker East.

Ross met Freeman for the first time this past April. After learning about “Hanging Tree Guitars,” Freeman’s work completely enamored Ross and his wife Beth Baker. They were eager to meet the artist. On a trip to South Carolina, the couple made a detour to meet Freeman. It was on that visit that Ross noticed the broken window in the space where Freeman creates and spends most of his time. He took notes and became determined to ensure that Freeman could continue making guitars in a safe space.

Ross Wells at work on the installation

The drive to Fountain typically takes four and a half hours from Ross’s home in Takoma Park, Maryland. But this journey took eight. And there was no certainty that the traffic-jammed journey to replace a broken storefront window would be a success. When Ross reached out to us in June he said, “I have the plexiglass and got some tips on cutting it from the guy who sold it to me. So if we’re in luck, we should be able to take care of that.”

Music Maker, and Freeman himself, are so grateful for Ross, Greg, and Beth’s generosity, and for the sparkling new window they installed. 

In the past we have come up against hurdles finding folks to work on repairs in rural towns such as Fountain. It means so much to us that the Music Maker family, both near and far, steps up and helps wherever and however they can.  

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