Freeman Vines featured in the Guardian!

inNewson February 13, 2020

Music Maker partner artist Freeman Vines was featured in a recent Guardian article about the group exhibition We Will Walkcurrently on view at the Turner Contemporary in Kent, UK.

Freeman Vines’ work on view at the Turner Contemporary in Kent, UK. Photo by Timothy Duffy

Hanging trees and hollering ghosts: the unsettling art of the American deep south

From lynching and slavery to the civil rights movement, Alabama’s artists expressed the momentous events they lived through – as a landmark new exhibition reveals

The quilters of Gee’s Bend make art out of recycled cloth. Lonnie Holley crafts sculptures out of car tyres and other human detritus. Self-taught luthier Freeman Vines carves guitars out of wood that came from a “hanging tree” once used to lynch black men. The “yard shows” of Dinah Young and Joe Minter are permanent exhibitions of their art – a cacophony of “scrap-iron elegies”. Almost all of this art comes from Alabama, and it all features in We Will Walk, Turner Contemporary’s groundbreaking new exhibition of African-American art from the southern state and its surroundings….

Read the rest of the article – here.

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