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Music Maker 25th Anniversary Events

Blue Muse is a musical testament to the 25 year history of the Music Maker Relief Foundation and its partner artists. The album features 21 tracks, most of which were recorded by Music Maker founder Timothy Duffy, that capture the infinite complexity of Traditional American Music. Blue Muse artfully places some of the most important musicians you’ve never heard […]

The tintype is rooted in more than 150 years of photographic method. In this collection of extraordinary portraits, Timothy Duffy brings new vitality to this old form, capturing powerful images of musicians who represent the roots of American music. These American blues, jazz, and folk artists are living expressions of a cultural legacy, made and […]

Music Maker founder Timothy Duffy creates one-of-a-kind direct positive tintype portraits of American musicians using an American photography process that goes back to the nineteenth-century. Despite the importance of these musicians (many of them have written songs that others made famous) and the national legacy they represent, they remain little known, often outpaced by other […]

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