Epic Diggin’: Music Maker Staff Join Forces for “Nothin’ But Your Butt”

inNewson July 18, 2013

Butt-1Listen: Nothin’ But Your Butt

Ironing Board Sam’s first single off his new album is Nothin’ But Your Butt. Understandably, everyone wanted to write a Diggin’ on this one. So, everyone did! Enjoy.

Ironing Board’s Sam, “Nothin’ but your Butt” is Sam’s celebration of love and joy, he believes laughter, peace and harmony is what all the people in the world need. His unabashed love of women’s butts is straight of the New Orleans funky tradition of off the wall topics. Buddy Bolden the legendary trumpeter who invented Jazz performed often in Storyville at a club named the Funky Butt. It is a dance song, making you laugh, and reaching out across all ages with his enthusiasm for life.
Timothy Duffy

I grew up on a farm in Western Virginia and saw many a tractor rolling through fields of barley, corn, cotton, and hay. Those big wheels in their state of perpetual forward motion, rims glinting in the sun, pale greens and yellows, paler by clouds of dust kicked up in its path. My memories are vivid as noontime and now alongside that vision is a butt, your butt.
Aaron Greenhood

First there was “Fat Bottomed Girls”, and then came “Rump Shaker”, “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk” and the definitive butt anthem “Baby’s Got Back”. Now entering into the great pantheon of songs about the glorious gluteus maximus is Ironing Board Sam’s “Nothing but your Butt”. A funky good time drenched in horns that will make you tap your feet, bob your head and, you guessed it-shake your butt.
Brendan Rice (Intern)

Wow, that’s a lot of math.
Denise Duffy

This is the song that you find yourself singing to yourself in the grocery store, days after hearing it. I’m giving you fair warning – it is that catchy. So catchy, in fact, that the grocery store clerk’s raised eyebrow did not deter me from continuing to sing it as a bagged my own groceries. I did tell her where she could buy the album though, and she seemed intrigued. I think this is how Sam’s album will spread throughout the globe – and how “Nothin’ But Your Butt” really will become the butt song of our generation. I do wonder though, is 82”, 42”, 82”, really anatomically possible?
Corinne Everett Belch

Ironing Board Sam is welcoming of butts that come in all shapes and sizes. It’s not that he can’t think of nothing but BIG butts (like some other prominent musicians who have created butt anthems throughout the years) – it’s that he can’t think of nothing but YOUR butt. It’s inspirational, really. Your butt is perfect because it’s your butt.

As the only single person in the office, I can appreciate Sam’s anthem to butts of all shapes and sizes. There is a veritable smorgasbord of butts out there for the appreciating — and not just lady butts, but gent butts, too! It’s just a million times better to appreciate them with a funky baseline and the Memphis Horns.
Whitney Baker

Join the Diggin’ in the comments below – tell us what “Nothin’ But Your Butt” means to you!

Check out the whole album here!

  • Lucy Duffy

    I was driving a couple hours for a dr. appointment, listening to Ironing BD SAM, shaking my head, tapping my foot when I realized he really was singing about Butts. I am deaf and thought it was my hearing problem but, by golly, that was it. I think it is very funny and surely hopping. And it kept me awake driving.
    Tim’s mom

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