Eddie Tigner Needs Your Help!

inArtist Storyon July 15, 2016


On August 11, Music Maker’s longtime partner artist and original Inkspot, Eddie Tigner turns 90.

In a recent discussion with Eddie we asked him about how his house was doing. When we got down to it, there was a significant list of concerns that need to be addressed: safety railings for the bathroom, a wiring issue has left several rooms without working light fixtures, undergirding needs repair causing a roach problem, and bad pipes are making the bathtub inoperable.

This is all too common for many seniors, who are trying to maintain their sense of pride and independence against mounting obstacles. Dealing with health issues while living on a limited and fixed income makes home ownership a sizable and taxing responsibility for aging seniors. The average senior adult receiving Social Security Income gets just $433 each month – hardly enough to get by. Often they are forced to choose between feeding themselves, making it to the doctor, or making much needed home repairs.

Music Maker is currently working with Eddie to address his housing needs.Your support allows Music Maker to partner with artists like Eddie and work though complex issues on a case-by-case basis, making sure that Eddie can keep playing the music that we all love to hear.

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