Diggin’: Willie King’s “You Got to Boogie”

inNewson April 17, 2014


Listen: You Want to Boogie

I’ve been listening to Willie King’s classic blues tune this week – it helps me set the pace for our busy 20th Anniversary year! If my toe is tapping to “You Want to Boogie,” I notice I type faster too.

Willie King is no longer with us, but Aaron and Tim have begun work with Willie James, his former drummer. Willie James always had steady work with Willie King’s band, but with King’s passing Willie James found that there was no more work – the Juke Joint scene had all but died out and no one needed a drummer. We’re assisting Willie James with both finding work and with his day-to-day needs; hearing about how we’re helping him had me seeking out a track from his old bandleader Willie King.

Even after three years at Music Maker there is so much I haven’t heard, and I will grasp at the slightest reason to seek something out. Our catalogue can be somewhat intimidating to a newbie like myself. That’s why I love compilations like the Listener’s Circle, Blues Sweet Blues, and our upcoming 20th Anniversary release. Those give me a starting point to pull different albums out, when I find a particular track on those albums that speaks to me.

Enjoy You Want to Boogie!

— Corinne

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