Diggin’: Why Don’t These Young People Understand?

inUncategorizedon August 21, 2014

Lee Gates BW

Listen: Why Don’t These Young People Understand?

I’ve been so excited about the new Jukebox, and have been listening to the general playlist we have up right now. (Soon to come – curated playlists!) I love this track from Lee Gates, “Why Don’t These Young People Understand?” Lee is one whose wailing vocals I don’t often listen to, mostly because I don’t have any of his albums uploaded to my iTunes, and because Aaron (who is in charge of office music) hasn’t put him on in awhile. I do, however, talk to Lee on the phone frequently. So, when I was immersed in writing the other day and this song came on, I knew immediately it was Lee.

Lee’s pleading vocals accompany some pretty great guitar; I think you should give this a listen and find out what Lee’s question is about. Then, you can tell him what you think at the Music Maker Homecoming!

– Corinne

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