Diggin’: Whistlin’ Britches “Clickin'”

inNewson April 10, 2014

whistlin britches

Listen: Whistlin’ Britches – Clickin’

I had the pleasure of meeting Haskell “Whistlin’ Britches” Thompson on several occasions before his passing. His exuberance for life and incredible aptitude towards “clickin’,” a form of mouth music that completely unique to him. Although this track is brief, Whistlin’s performance is incredibly unique in that the clicking patterns he creates hold an obscure meter. His joyous philosophy for life is also represented in this track. Being a hip-hop baby myself, it is interesting to ponder if “clickers” like Haskell were influential to modern day beatboxers like Rahzell and Adam Matta.

— Corn

Photo above by Jimmy Williams

Get the entire album, Clickin’ King of Hip Poppin’, here!

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