Diggin’: “We Three” by Mr. Q

inNewson August 22, 2013

Mr. Q and TimListen: We Three

Lately, Mr Q is all I listen to on my car rides between work and home and anyone who may speak to me on the phone during these rides will have to suffer a few phrases belted out by me. My mom almost hung up on me the other day.  I can’t help myself.

There is something joyous, magical and wondrous about the playing and singing of Silent Strings Music Maker artist, Mr. Q. Even his name inspires the kind of wonder that listeners are brought into when they put his music on. Acrobatic bass lines, cascading trebles and percussive chord changes dance together while Mr Q’s voice cheerily sings of his loneliness. “We Three are not a crowd, we’re not even company…my echo, my shadow and me”

In this track, the very best of Mr Q’s artistry is on display, his virtuosity, his playfulness and delicious musical phrasing. Have a listen, if it doesn’t make you smile, check your pulse.

Mr. Q’s Cocktail Boogie is a fantastic listen full of jaw dropping piano and singing like you hear on this track. You can purchase it in our online store.


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