Diggin’: Sweet Betty’s “Live and Let Live”

inDiggin'on June 25, 2015


Sweet Betty brings all the heart and soul of electric gospel to life on “Live and Let Live.” The song comes from her album of the same name, which she released after joining the Music Maker family in 2003.

Considered to be one of the finest blues singers in Atlanta, Betty grew up singing gospel and blues, and practice has made perfect. On this track, unwavering horns and driving rhythm from the piano set the stage, and her voice steals the show.

Sweet Betty’s style is characterized by sweetness and strength, and it’s the kind of sound that makes you sit up in your chair. When her voice floats through your speakers telling you, “you got to love one another and try to forgive,” you’d better be paying attention. If you’re not, her powerhouse voice will pick you up and set you on the straight and narrow.

On “Live and Let Live,” Sweet Betty teaches us how to shake off the day and keep living right- and she does it with flair.

— Jenny

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