Diggin’: Slewfoot and the Angels – Give Your Love Away

inDiggin'on August 6, 2015



Slewfoot was a legendary New Orleans street musician that could blend genres effortlessly. Give Your Love’s slinky sound is reminiscent of someone wobbling their way down Bourbon St. The tune’s lyrics are an insider’s take on the hard streets of New Orleans and the difficult life that can come with them. This song is a plea for human compassion – everyone, no matter who they are needs help at some point. Towards the end of the song Slewfoot testifies that when you need someone you’ve got to give yourself up and a higher power will come to the rescue.

— Corn

  • Donald Robert Saverese

    The intro to GYL is the most amazing thing–the atonal harp that just sounds wrong to start out with until the horns join in and blend with the same note…incredible. Great man.

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