Diggin’: Sam Frazier, Jr. – Mama Said She Ain’t Here

inDiggin'on March 9, 2016

As a new member of the Music Maker family, it’s been such a treat to experience all the music that has been coming my way these past few weeks. Listening to Sam Frazier Jr.’s recently released “Take Me Back” album absolutely sent me back to some familiar sounds and beats from my childhood in the 70’s.

All of the songs on the album were carefully transferred from old reels that had changed hands for more than 40 years. Recorded in the 60’s and 70’s in “Sound of Birmingham” studio in the heart of Alabama, they provide a unique view on the music from those days.

The song “Mama Said She Ain’t Here” won me over immediately with its humor and upbeat tempo. I could not help but envision some back-up singers with big hair, short polyester dresses and tall chunky-heeled vinyl boots doing a shimmy-shake in the background.

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The song tells a story that so many of us lived back then, when it was common for neighbors to drop by (instead of texting and Facebooking) and for us to answer our phones (without caller ID), not having a clue who could be on the other end. Having a willing call and visitor screener was the name of the game and it did not always convey the intended message. You can count on those closest to you, especially your kids, to tell it like it is.

Thanks for the trip back to the 70’s, Sam!

— Mary

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