Diggin’: Sam Frazier, Jr. “Cabbage Man”

inDiggin'on June 4, 2015


Sam Frazier, Jr. grew up in a humble mining town  just outside of Birmingham, Alabama. His father was a coal miner and his mother ran a tavern out of the back of their house. There, laborers would gather before and after work and on the weekends; itinerant musicians would show up and little plastic cups of moonshine were passed around. This was where Sam first heard and fell in love with music; blues, country, country blues, all kinds. It was also there that Sonny Boy Williams gave Sam a harmonica and showed him how to play his first notes.

Sam has been pursuing that love ever since. Over the years he has released records on several small labels, appeared as a regular on the “Country Boy Eddie” tv show and performed in the Johnny Otis Revue all while holding down minimum wage jobs to pay the rent. Success never came his way but he doesn’t have a drop of bitter in him. When I talk to him about the future he tells me he’s always dreamed of being onstage at the Grand Ole Opry and that he’s ready to do the work to get there. We are thrilled to be working with him and looking to the future. This track is one of his originals that we recorded at our first gathering, featuring Dom Flemons on guitar.

You can catch Sam Frazier live at Duke Gardens on June 10th alongside Cool John Ferguson – more info and tickets available here!
– Aaron

  • John McKenna

    Hi Aaron, it would be great to see Sam at the Byron Bay Bluesfest next year if you are coming back again. Which I hope you do as I already have my 5 day ticket and caught all five of the shows this year. – John McKenna

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