Diggin’: Robert Lee Coleman – Somebody Loves Me

inDiggin'on January 25, 2016


While rehearsing in NYC for globalFEST Robert Lee Coleman showed us what is was like to work for James Brown. Having toured with Brown for many years Coleman has adopted some of the same ideas of perfection that Brown was notorious for. At the start of one tune the band was supposed to come in with some real punch. I thought it sounded great but Coleman did not. He wasn’t being mean to the band, but his passion for his music was obvious. He told the band, “when you come in you got to STICK it!”. They did it again and Coleman shook his head and stood up, “When you come in you got to stick it!” I saw what he was getting at and so did the band. The next time around they stuck it with incredible precision and you could hear the difference. Take a listen to Coleman on this killer track.

— Corn


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