Diggin’: Put On Your Red Dress

inNewson February 14, 2013

Cpt Luke with GirlsListen: Put On Your Red Dress

Captain Luke’s recording of this much-loved tune is particularly appropriate given the time of year. (Need a last-minute Valentine for your sweetie? Check out our options.) I can attest to this from personal experience – when Captain Luke wants to chat up a lady, he may come up and say “Oh my, I do love a woman in a red dress.” Twenty minutes later he’s found another lass wearing a black dress – or a blue shirt. You get my meaning, the Captain is a charmer.

In “Put on Your Red Dress,” Captain’s baritone vocals shine, the instruments in the background only secondary to him. The song is not particularly rowdy, but it always gets the crowd up and dancing when Captain Luke performs it live. I know we have mostly likely written a Diggin’ on this track before, but it certainly deserves another round, especially on Valentine’s Day. Enjoy!

— Corinne

  • Tom Harris

    great stuff-keep on keeping on.

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