Diggin’: Precious Bryant’s “Can’t Stand To Let You Go”

inNewson November 7, 2013

Precious_smallListen: Can’t Stand To Let You Go

Many times I let my co-workers choose the music we listen to in the office since, before working for Music Maker, I had very little working knowledge of Roots music. I listened to everything – I just didn’t know much of anything. But I’ve been pretty diligent lately about finding things on my own, as many of these busy days recently I’ve been in the office on my own.

One way I love exploring music is through the Listener’s Circle CDs. I LOVE compilations; ever since I was young I have preferred to listen to a diverse group of artists and musical styles, rather than a large chunk of one artist, no matter how fabulous, at once. So, the track I wanted to share with you today is off of Volume 2 of the Listener’s Circle, and hasn’t been released before – Precious Bryant’s “Can’t Stand to Let You Go.”

This is a wonderful tune, that keeps my energy high and my foot tapping. I can also actually (sort of, not in public) sing along to this one as I practically have it memorized. My husband suggested I’m so infatuated with this tune because of his early exits in the morning – his work requires him to leave sometimes as early as 5am – and I require him to wake me up to say goodbye. However, unlike Precious’s make-believe beau in the song, my husband is usually back in the evenings so I don’t try to prevent him from leaving

— Corinne

Interested in the Listener’s Circle? Check it out here!

And don’t forget to check out Precious Bryant’s album My Name Is Precious!

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