Diggin’: Neal Pattman’s “Catfish Blues”

inDiggin'on September 17, 2015


This was one of Taj Mahal’s picks last Fall during our 20th Anniversary, which it is hard to believe was a year ago! I was reminiscing about the very special time for Music Maker and happened upon this track from Neal Pattman. I never had the opportunity to meet Neal, who passed away before I joined Music Maker, but the striking images of him in our archives and his music on rotation in our office have left a strong impression.

I love this song – “I wish I was a Catfish, swimming in the deep blue sea.” I mean, after all, what does a catfish have to worry about? (Aside from being someone’s dinner, I suppose.) Sometimes during hectic days being a Catfish sounds pretty darn great. Of course, the song is more about Neal’s breakup with a lady, but that first line always hooks me in. The laid back track is a signal from my playlist to take a break, listen and enjoy.

I hope you enjoy as well!

— Corinne

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