Diggin’: Mr. Q’s “Don’t Take Your Love From Me”

inNewson March 7, 2013

Mr. Q and TimListen: Don’t Take Your Love From Me

Mr. Q’s Cocktail Boogie is an album we had a debate about in the office yesterday. Aaron claimed we didn’t have it, I said we did, but we didn’t have new art for it. I was right! But the fact that even we, MMRF Staffers, were not totally sure of the album’s current existence meant that it deserves to be highlighted.

The track “Don’t Take Your Love From Me” is all that you could ask for on a dreary, windy day like today. It’s a warm, comforting song, with Mr. Q’s vocals accompanied by his rousing piano. This is the type of music I might hear at a family friend’s holiday party when I was growing up, so there’s a certain element of nostalgia involved with my love of this song. You can just see Mr. Q holding court at the piano, friends gathered around (with cocktails of course) enjoying a fun, informal evening. I can also envision, probably because of how cold it is, a roaring fire in the background.

Give this track a listen – even if it’s not cold where you are. I swear, didn’t the groundhog say “early spring” for 2013?

  • Matt Higgins

    Sure can tickle that ivory!

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