Diggin’: Mr. Q’s “Cocktail Boogie”

inNewson March 13, 2014

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Listen: Cocktail Boogie

We’ve been working with a lot of photos of Mr. Q lately, and Tim always tells the story of Mr. Q’s hat, which he painted over and over again until it weighed a ton. The paint ensured the hat always looked shiny and new. Every time I hear a story of a Music Maker artist who has passed, I wish I could have known them and seen it for myself – Mr. Q is no exception!

Last week I worked from my home for most of the week due to the very unseasonable ice, snow and sleet in North Carolina. After getting stuck on the roads during the last snow, I wasn’t taking any chances. Working from home is usually very productive, I spend those days working on all the writing that I need to finish, and I’m able to work straight through without interruption. What I miss most about the office is the soundtrack – I never have to worry about choosing what to listen to because Aaron or Tim are always playing either the latest Music Maker recording or a selection from the archive. Left to my own devices, I pulled up my iTunes to discover I really don’t have a lot on there!

One album I do have is Mr. Q’s Cocktail Boogie. If I had been listening to this as a CD, it would be worn out after the rotation it got in my home office last week.   I wanted to share the title track with you – a short, jubilant tune, it is really the perfect thing to listen to when you’re typing fast, there’s ice accumulating on your windows, and you’re dreaming of the spring you’ve been promised by the weatherman!


– Corinne  

Want this track and all that comes with it? Get Cocktail Boogie here!

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