Diggin’: Macavine Hayes – Just a Little Bit

inDiggin'on October 22, 2015

Mac-1Macavine Hayes’ “Just a Little Bit,” is my favorite song off of his album Drink House on the Music Maker label. The album title is inspired from his years running a drink house on Claremont Street with Guitar Gabriel. “Just a Little Bit” is so light hearted and playful, I can’t help but imagine what that drink house must have been like. One thing I can be sure of is that with Macavine Hayes there, there was certainly great music. The spirited drums and jumping guitar and piano could coax even the most stoic person to at least tap their foot. Macavine’s husky and persuasive voice could surely get them up and dancing in no time. The song is infectious. I’ve been tapping my desk to the beat all morning. Macavine was inspired by the Jimmy Reed and Chuck Berry; listening to them on the radio during his boyhood in Florida. These influences ring clear in his hopping, joyful style, but his music is markedly his own.

– Abigail Nover


Macavine Hayes – Just a Little Bit

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