Diggin’: Lucy’s Voodoo

inUncategorizedon September 25, 2014

Lee Gates BW

Listen: Lucy’s Voodoo

When you see images of Lee Gates around the Music Maker office, you know you’re looking at a real deal, tried and true bluesman. The guy is over six feet tall, yolked up, and usually dressed in overalls. Granted, I’ve only seen photos of Lee, but I’ve heard he’s a real character in person.

I was going through his collection and stumbled across Lucy’s Voodoo. The song’s got a driving rhythm that pulls you in immediately. The phrasing in the song reminded me of Santana’s Black Magic Woman, but distinctly infused in the blues. It’s one of those unique moments where you can hear the blues spillover into different styles and genres of music. The energy in the recording gives it a live feelings and makes you wish you were on the dance floor grooving along. I’m really looking forward to meeting Lee during the homecoming event next weekend and hearing Lee and Lucy shred live!

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