Diggin’: Lucille Lindsay – Do You Know What It Means To Have a Friend?

inDiggin'on April 5, 2016


Lucille Lindsay was the first artist page on the Music Maker website I clicked on. I had just been invited to interview for the position of Development & Communications Coordinator in 2011, and while I’d heard of Music Maker before, I really didn’t have familiarity with the artists they served and wanted to know what they were all about. Being a graduate of a women’s university, I of course gravitated towards the female artists listed and Lucille caught my eye.


I saw on Lucille’s artist profile she was Guitar Gabriel’s sister, and so through her I learned about Music Maker’s founding artist. I also clicked the link to listen to one of the songs she performed on, and so this is the first Music Maker recording I ever listened to. Five years have passed since then, and now my journey is taking me away from Music Maker to new challenges. I have listened to countless Music Maker songs, albums and live performances since that winter day in 2011, and I am a better person for those musical experiences.


Please enjoy this track, which includes both Guitar Gabriel and his sister, Lucille Lindsay. Tim says Guitar Gabriel wrote this spiritual after their mother died, and it was the first song they sang together when the siblings found each other after many years apart. I’m sure we’ve written Diggin’s on this track before, but it’s worth a new listen; it will always be a special memory for me.


— Corinne

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