Diggin’: Lakota John’s “Crossroads”

inDiggin'on September 3, 2015


Lakota John Locklear’s take on the blues classic “Crossroads shows that he’s not the new kid on the block- he’s a talent that is here to stay.

His proficiency is proven on tracks like this- every note, every slide brings you closer to that crossroads- late summer heat, walking down a dusty road with just a guitar in your hand and the blues in your soul.

At the tender age of 9, Lakota John picked up his first guitar, and soon after embraced the sounds of slide guitar. Joining the Music Maker family as a Next Generation Artist in 2009, he’s further solidified his place in the world of Southern traditional music. Now at 18, he’s got the heart of a tried and true bluesman, and it pours out through his gutsy vocals and skillful guitar on this track.

— Jenny

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