Diggin’: John Dee Holeman’s “You Got to Lose, You Can’t Win All the Time”

inNewson April 3, 2014

john dee chair

Listen: Two Train’s Runnin’

I let fate choose this week’s Diggin when I stuck my hand into our set of master CD’s and pulled out John Dee Holeman’s “You Got To Lose, You Can’t Win All The Time.”  The guitar riffs at the very beginning of the first track “Two Trains Runnin'” really got my attention.  There’s something about John Dee’s voice that just makes you smile when you hear it.  This album features a full band that accentuates John’s voice and really lets it take the lead.   I think his voice also makes the tracks have a positive feel, despite the sort of stigma that people associate with blues music being depressing and dismal.  He even arranged a few of the traditional blues songs on the album, like “Early Letter Blues” and “John Henry,”  that add depth to the album and assure that everyone can find a favorite.  John Dee has a great list of albums with Music Maker and this is no exception.  This one in particular would be a great one to play now that the weather is (finally) warming up.

– MaryAnne

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