Diggin’: John Dee Holeman – Two Trains Runnin’

inDiggin'on April 27, 2016

Now here’s a gritty yawp of angst and regret combined with a soulful rhythm of resolution and wisdom. Two Trains Runnin’ by John Dee Holeman will grab you and get you rolling to its strong and hypnotic spell.

I’m diggin’ on this song today for two reasons:

John Dee is a Genuine Bluesman

I had the honor of attending John Dee Holeman’s recording session in Chapel Hill on April 22, 2016 and I also saw him win over the audience at the Music Maker Blues Review in Charlotte, NC on March 4th, 2016. John Dee has lived a life filled with expression through music: It’s a quiet, seasoned confidence that surrounds him, and he channels it through his voice and guitar. He’s a recipient of the North Carolina Heritage Award by the N.C. Arts Council, a Hillsborough native and a genuine bluesman whose lifetime impact on audiences and artists is a true legacy for the blues.

Inspiration from a Documentary Film

I recently saw the world premiere of a documentary film “Two Trains Runnin” at the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival in Durham, NC – as a guest of EO Raleigh-Durham. This documentary shares the story of the search for two bluesmen, Skip James and Son House, in Mississippi during the Civil Rights movement.This film reinforced the value that we have at Music Maker Relief Foundation in finding bluesmen like John Dee and lifting them up – celebrating their music, preserving it and sharing it with audiences and younger musicians.

It’s songs like Two Trains Runnin’  and John Dee Holeman’s soulful expression that touch the heart of why roots music and the blues are loved by such a diverse audience. The emotion and the connection of the artist to his instrument and the story behind the lyrics are seamless. No wonder this music inspires other musicians. The heartbeat of the blues lives on when an artist like John Dee are given the chance to perform into their later years.

Check out more of John Dee’s songs at: https://johndeeholeman.bandcamp.com/

 We’re working on the album and will let you know when it is ready for your listening pleasure!

Read about the documentary Two Trains Runnin’: https://www.twotrainsrunnin.com/#home
Learn more about Full Frame Documentary Film Festival: https://www.fullframefest.org/

— Mary Paisley

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