Diggin’: Jerry McCain “This Stuff Just Kills Me”

inNewson June 20, 2013

greg roth jerry mccain photoListen: This Stuff Just Kills Me

When I first started working with blues artists in the early 1990s, Jerry “Boogie” McCain was a legendary mythical figure who lived down in Alabama. I saw on CCN that a fan of his in Philadelphia, PA, heard Jerry’s song, “Burn the Crack House Down,” and that is what the fellow did, citing his favorite bluesman’s song.

In Drink Houses in Winston-Salem, a friend I used to drink with would always sing Jerry’s song, “My Next Door Neighbor,” a true classic that is known throughout the South about a next door neighbor that borrows everything.

In 1995 Denise and I got together the money for gas and we drove down to Gadsden to meet Jerry and even recorded an impromptu record that we put out a number of years later. When we met Jerry the first thing he told us when we asked about making a record was that he wanted a ten thousand dollar advance. I agreed with him that was a great idea as he had been ripped off for so many decades. In 1999 I was able to deliver this for Jerry through a record deal with Jericho Records with legendary producer Mike Vernon (Fleetwood Mac) and Stevie Ray Vaughn’s drummer and bass player “Double Trouble.” Cut in a tiny studio in Austin, Texas, this record was the one that Jerry was most proud of. Arguably his finest record ever made. Check out the title track, This Stuff Just Kills Me. Enjoy!

— Tim Duffy

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