Diggin’: Ironing Board Sam – I Wanna Be There

inDiggin'on March 15, 2016

Ironing Board Sam’s latest record, Super Spirit, brimming with energy, twists and turns with every song. “I Wanna Be There” boosts the tension up a few notches with its accelerating rhythm and snappy percussion. This song is the great crescendo on the album before the slow release. The excitement in the track is infectious. Sam’s vocals are highlighted, showcasing how exceptional his expressive and soulful voice truly is. Hearing his voice right out in front, puts his keyboard work in a slightly more subtle position for most of the track. But don’t be fooled, this is Ironing Board Sam we’re talking about and he plays an electrifying solo that’s sure to give you a jolt of energy. You can hear his captivating showmanship in every note of this high-octane song.


— Abigail

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