Diggin’: Guitar Gabriel’s “Let’s Talk It Over”

inNewson March 27, 2014


Listen: Let’s Talk It Over

I happened to be in my car, stuck in rush hour traffic after a day’s work, when I first heard this wonderful song by Guitar Gabriel. My car’s manual transmission can make these stints on the highway a long game of stop-and-go, but when the song started to play and Gabe’s signature voice sweetly creaked in, he instantly grabbed me out of my bumper-to-bumper funk and took me right down memory lane. Gabe reminisces about loves lost, and brings you up to speed where you find him on the verge of losing one more. When you’re at that tipping point in a relationship, a little bit of communication can go a long way, and Gabe touches on exactly that: “Let’s talk it over, one more time.” I began to think of a recent love I left in the big city after moving back home to NC, and wondered how things might have panned out between us if we had slowed down and just “talked it over one more time.” Sometimes it can be just that simple. I put the song on repeat and let my thoughts circle around Gabe’s wisdom until my exit popped up. Thanks for the ride, Gabe.

– Berk, Music Maker Volunteer

  • Lucy Duffy

    I loved Gabe. He called me Sugar Puddin’.

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