Diggin’: Guitar Gabriel’s “Expressin’ the Blues”

inDiggin'on May 28, 2015


You might know more about the blues than you think. It’s a genre of music that seems to invite all people, all walks of life, both ups and downs. Music Maker artists often speak on what the blues means to them. Some say it’s a feeling, and some say the blues is a story. Guitar Gabriel always made it a part of his music to help others understand the connection between the blues and being human. There are some amazing recordings between Tim and Gabe that go into greater detail on this subject. I remember because it was some of the first audio I got my hands on when I started at Music Maker. “The blues is a heart thing, if you listen you can understand”

Gabe’s song “Expressin’ the Blues” gives examples on how, where, when, and why someone might experience the blues. Even a bird in a tree being barked at by a dog can have the blues, you see. The song is conversational, with no rigid structure or formal singing. There’s some wailing in there, traditional of Gabe’s style, but the song is more like listening to a friend give you advice. It’s comforting. You find yourself saying “man, I can relate to that bird. I know how it feels.” I think Gabe knew this feeling as well, and he knew how to use this feeling to help bring people together. Perhaps that’s what the blues is all about.

— Berk

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