Diggin: George Higgs’ “Reuben”

inNewson January 31, 2013

georgeListen: Reuben

George Higgs (b.1930-d.2013) has been on our minds here at Music Maker this week. The multi-talented bluesman passed away on January 29th, and he leaves a warm legacy behind.

One of his tracks, “Reuben,” was recorded for Music Maker in June 1998 and appeared on his album Tarboro Blues. The loud harmonica sections contrast with George’s quieter vocals, creating a jolting traditional blues song. At times, you will have to lean close to your speakers to hear his words.

“Reuben” tells the story of a man who meets an unfortunate fate, much like many blues and folk songs.

In addition to performing the blues, George also at one time performed gospel music with a local quartet, The Friendly Five. He’ll be greatly missed by all of us here at Music Maker, his friends and family, and the thousands who were touched by his music throughout the years.

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