Diggin’: George Higgs’ “Greasy Greens”

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Listen: “Greasy Greens”

 “Well, way down South where I was born

Didn’t raise nothin’ but cotton and corn

Green tomatoes and black-eyed peas

Man, good Lord, them greasy greens…”

This groovy ode to collard greens is one of my favorites! Originally, I thought that “Greasy Greens” featured two artists, one singing and another playing harmonica. However, while the voice and harmonica do exchange the melody in a flawless call-and-response pattern, George Higgs is in fact playing both instruments at once! Despite the virtuosic nature of “Greasy Greens,” the mood remains laid-back as Higgs expresses his love for his favorite vegetable at a steady, unhurried pace. Try to resist tapping your foot along to the irresistible chugging of Higgs’ fine Piedmont-style harmonica playing—I dare you!

This is one of the tracks that will be featured on the Listener’s Circle CD I created this summer. All of the songs involve one of my favorite topics: food! That’s all for now, though– I’m getting hungry.

— Erica

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