Diggin’: George Conner’s “I’m Gone But I Don’t Know Where I’m Going”

inNewson October 24, 2013

george conner axelListen: I’m Gone But I Don’t Know Where I’m Going

“I’m Gone But I Don’t Know Where I’m Going,” by George Conner, is a great tune for so many occasions. I tend to listen to it when I’m having one of those days where I don’t know which end is up – in the office we call it “going forward in all directions!”  Its powerful sound and intense vocals provide a great backdrop for juggling tasks and checking things off my list. It never fails to have me tapping my foot and humming along, even on my busiest day.               

Tim met George Conner in the mid-1990s in Birmingham, Alabama, and they recorded the album, Brother’s Tone, that features this track. The record is full of raw blues and a range of musical influences that Conner experienced during his time running Juke Joints in Chicago and Alabama.

If you need something to put on while you “go forward in all directions,” try this track. Really, listen to all of Brother’s Tone,  a truly amazing album.



— Corinne

Photo by Axel Küstner

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