Diggin’: Drink Small’s “Drink Blues”

inNewson January 16, 2014

Drink Small

Listen: “Drink Blues”

Drink Small is a classic bluesman – and his “Drink Blues” is definitely a classic Blues tune. This track is one I’ve listened to many times since starting at Music Maker, and it’s always one I’ve identified as something I would have been able to classify as Blues even before my crash course in Roots music when I joined the Music Maker team. It takes me to Drink’s home, as he’s sitting with his guitar just jamming along. Listening to it, I can slow my pace a little and jam right along with him. It doesn’t evoke the feel of a porch during a summer evening, as many of my Music Maker favorites do (seriously, take a look back at my Diggin’s – I think I say something about a porch in July almost every time) but it gives you a sense of a Drink’s personality, his talent, and his influences.Drink Small and Be

Tim, Aaron and Be visited Drink this week – he has gone completely blind and is learning to adapt, as he told Tim. We’ll share more photos and stories from their visit with Drink later in the week, but for now, enjoy this track, and send good thoughts Drink’s way.

— Corinne


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