Diggin’: “Do You Know What It Means To Have A Friend?”

inUncategorizedon May 14, 2015

TimCaptGabeTim, Guitar Gabriel, Captain Luke

This is a beautiful gospel song that Guitar Gabriel composed the night his mother passed. It asks the question, Do You Know What it Means to Have a Friend? “A friend will tell you, just what to do, turnaround, they’ll turn their back on you.”

My 25 years with Captain Luke reminds me that I do know what it means to have a friend. Since my 20s, Captain has been the one I turned to talk about everything; my family, the business we built together, other MM artists. Captain himself over the years has been a friend to hundred of music lovers.

This track is from our first album, Guitar Gabriel & Brothers in the Kitchen (Toot Blues on the website.) Captain and I were the “brothers in the kitchen,” and I spent a lot of time with him in his kitchen as he build his tin can ash trays, cooked biscuits, and shared many a beer.

So enjoy this track, as we all remember Captain Luke this week, it seemed appropriate to pull out this song sung by his great friend.

– Tim Duffy

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