Diggin’: Digital Whole Nine Yards

inDiggin'on November 18, 2015


With the holiday season upon us I have decided to do the most ultimate Diggin’ that’s ever been done. I will Dig on the entire Music Maker catalog because that is what you get when you purchase our digital Whole Nine Yards package. For over 20 years Music Maker has worked diligently to document, preserve and foster America’s rarest musical treasures. This collection is much more than just a compilation of blues music, it is a representation of American culture and a definition of who we are . From old time string band party music to rockin’ electric blues, from heartfelt soul to eccentric poetry.

The Whole Nine Yards contains a digital collection of all 170 Music Maker releases consisting of 2,109 songs as well some unreleased gems. This beautiful package comes with a customized walnut USB drive, box, 5 greeting cards and a hard copy of the We Are The Music Makers! book.

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