Diggin:’ David Bryant’s Hallelujah

inDiggin'on October 8, 2015


David Bryant is a towering man. He must be 6’ 5”, with arms like braided steel cabling. A more tender and sensitive man you will never meet, however. He lives in Covington, GA in the home where he sat by his mother’s bed and answered her every need in her last years. His mother was Music Maker Silent Strings artist Cora Mae Bryant, a Georgia blues legend. By her side, he learned to sing and play guitar.

Having suffered a debilitating injury in a car accident several years ago, now David spends most of his time at home creating assemblages from found objects, primarily vintage buttons and frames that he describes as homages to his deceased friends and family. His home is a shrine to his ancestors, photos covering every square inch of wall, a small table ceremonially set with fine china, a sequined dress hanging on the wall just above it. Everything has a story, some objects have more than one story. Immediately upon entering his home, one can tell that he is a deeply reflective individual, devoted wholeheartedly to his family and expressions of love.

He is also a man of faith and religious conviction. He draws strength from salvation. A few months ago, he traded some work for a tape recorder and we sent him some blank tapes to get him started. This recording was made on David’s front porch at sunset. Hallelujah indeed.

— Aaron

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