Diggin’: Cootie Stark – Jingle Bells (kinda)

inTheir Musicon December 17, 2018

During the holidays there usually two guarantees: 1) you’ll spend some quality time with family 2) you’ll probably be drinking. It’s these two things that are abundantly present on this version of Jingle Bells, performed by Cootie Stark and featuring John Dee Holeman, Captain Luke, Macavine Hayes, Whistlin’ Britches and Cool John Ferguson. The familial relationships that develop around Music Maker are firmly rooted in the musical love that exists in everyone, especially musicians and the real beauty of this tune comes about midway through the song, when, in a rather abrupt manner, it becomes a different song — Silent Night. The song, which has now morphed into a raucous medley circles back to a strong ending of the initial tune. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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