Diggin’: Cool John Ferguson & Captain Luke “Still Waters Run Deep”

inDiggin'on June 18, 2015


Cool John Ferguson by Music Maker Tin Type

“Have you ever played your instrument in complete darkness?” I’ve started asking this question to Music Maker artists recently after a conversation I had with one of my friends who introduced me to this practice technique. First I asked Ironing Board Sam, who said he hadn’t tried it but was intrigued and thought it would be an interesting experiment. After a tintype shoot last week I asked the same question to guitarist Cool John Ferguson

Turns out, when Cool was about seven years old he not only played his guitar in the dark, but played for an entire 24 hours straight without a single break, not even to go to the bathroom, from 7pm one night all the way until 7pm the next. Discovering new chords for the first time, he said that each new chord he found would energize him to keep playing, and that he would have probably kept going another full day if his mama hadn’t come in and snatched the guitar out of his hands. “That’s enough of that guitar!” she said, and then proceeded to make him a hamburger sandwich with onions and fixed him up a glass of kool aid to drink on the side.

I was pretty much speechless upon hearing this story, but I wasn’t surprised. There are few who can hold a candle to Cool John’s abilities on the guitar, and I’d imagine those who can have also spent some sleepless nights alone with their instrument. I wanted to include “Still Waters Run Deep” to wrap up this post, one of my favorite songs from Captain Luke and Cool John’s album Live at the Hamilton. It’s a beautiful song from a legendary duo, a combination that will surely be missed amongst Music Maker supporters. If you are still craving more Cool John guitar mastery, check out the “Hey Joe” solo video to have your mind completely blown.

— Berk

PS – “Still Waters Run Deep” can be found on Live at the Hamilton in our store here!

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