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inNewson August 8, 2013

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I love this tune by Cora Mae – it’s laid back, calm and very “you’ll be back.” Full disclosure – I chose this song because I’m feeling somewhat grateful for the cool days we’ve had in North Carolina this summer, but the rain is a bit excessive. The title jumped out at me as I was pondering how to stop my vegetable garden from rotting completely to death.


Of course, the song is not about rain-rotten tomatoes. Cora Mae sings confidently about a love that left her. But she knows they’ll be back, probably on some cool and rainy day when their luck’s run out and they realize how good they had it with her. She’s right too, they’ll be sorry they left her! But she’s not mad. She sings slowly, just going with the flow – since she knows they’ll be back, she’s going to get on with things until they do. I’m not sure she’ll actually be too happy when that man shows up on her porch; if he left Cora Mae, I’m thinking he’s just plain stupid.


This is a great song to listen to while you’re trying to accomplish something and need a little musical accompaniment. It’s a simple tune, and does not require a lot of close paying attention. But you can nod along with Cora Mae, let out the occasional “mm hm,” as you Google how much rain a tomato plant can really withstand.


— Corinne


Check out Cora Mae’s albums, which both feature this track: Born with the Blues and Born in Newton County!

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