Diggin’: Clyde Langford – Good Golly

inTheir Musicon January 17, 2017

I often find myself catching a case of winter ambivalence brought on by the numbing cold of the frosty season. If you’re like me, Clyde Langford’s mournful wails might be the remedy you need to melt your cold soul. The East Texas bluesman’s guitar hums and buzzes along with his tender, folky crooning, reminding me of the birds, bees, and the cool breeze that’ll soon return with spring. So if you’re feeling numb, you ought to let Clyde sing for you. And you ought to let it move you. Because feeling blue is better than feeling nothing at all.

  • Clark

    Clyde Langford is authentic as authentic can be. If you don’t pat your feet to Clyde’s music you’re paralyzed.

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