Diggin’: Cary Morin’s “This Train”

inDiggin'on March 28, 2016

Cary MorinIf James Taylor could play the guitar with the virtuosity and creativity of the celebrated inventor of bossa nova, Gilberto Gil, that amalgam would be exemplified in Cary Morin.

“This Train” shows off Cary’s great talent. His ability to tell a story is remarkable. I asked Cary about the song on a recent phone call. The story is not his own, but his brother’s. His brother had a job up on the Bering Straight. His girlfriend was living far down the coast in Alaska. After the end of a long day on the water walked into his local watering hole to find his girlfriend sitting there. He was very surprised. She told him she couldn’t wait to see him and she took the soonest flight. When he asked how she could afford to make the trip, she told him she financed the journey by selling his Ford Thunderbird. That was when the reunion hopped on the train to nowhere.


— Aaron

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