Diggin’: Captain Luke & Cool John Ferguson – Outsider Lounge Music

inTheir Musicon April 16, 2020

The power duo is a truly rare occurrence in music. Just a handful of musicians have captured the musical magic that happens when two performers come together in perfect consonance. Captain Luke and Cool John Ferguson first met in St. Helena, SC at the renowned Penn Center and their chemistry was instantaneous. Both South Carolina country boys, Captain Luke served as a wise elder to Cool John Ferguson and Cool soaked it up like a sponge. Anybody has met Cool John knows he is not the most emotional person but when Captain Luke passed Cool John was brought to tears. This album is a testament to their relationship and Music Maker’s mission of connecting older musicians with younger artists. The songs on Outside Lounge music resonate with a vibe so deep you can close your eyes and be sitting right there in East Winston-Salem, potato chip bags on the wall, paper cup of chicken (moonshine) in hand at the Drink House.

– Corn Lewis

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