Diggin’: Big Stuff

inDiggin'on December 3, 2015


Never underestimate the depths of the Music Maker catalog. I had the JukeBox on the homepage running in the background this morning, when all of a sudden I heard this eerie shriek come out of my speakers. It was the wailing sound of a child’s cry, followed by an arpeggiated guitar that was covered in record hiss and ambient noise. After a couple of measures, a howling style of singing began to emerge, similar to that of an Imam starting the daily prayer from the top of a mosque.

When I went to click on the track, it was the only song in the JukeBox that had no associated artist name… it just said “Big Stuff.” I began asking my coworkers who the song was by, only to find out that it was a man (pictured above) Tim had met while living in Mombasa many years ago. This would explain the deep hiss covering what sounded to be a very old tape recording. Apparently, this “Big Stuff” would walk around, talk to the trees, and as the story goes, when Tim handed him a guitar for the first time, these were the first sounds that came to be. Again, never underestimate the depths of the Music Maker catalog.


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