Diggin’: Big Ron Hunter’s Going For Myself

inBlack History Monthon February 18, 2016

BigRonDigginBig Ron Hunter and Alabama Slim are returning to France this week. Music is My Home, the project they join in with French Jazz impresario Raphael Imbert, is celebrating its release in Europe with a big concert in Paris and a week of interviews. Already, there are plans in the works for them to return to France for a more extended tour this coming Summer.

Music Is My Home grew out of a 2011 research trip Raphael made through the Southern United States. Music Maker worked together with Raphael to help him meet and play with several of the artists on our roster. Raphael made many new friends and returned home. In 2014, Raphael hatched a plan to share some of the great artists he met with his fans in France and planned a few performances. He invited Music Maker artists Alabama Slim and Big Ron Hunter to join him. The project grew and grew, he secured a record deal with Harmonia Mundi and began recording. Big Ron and Slim have returned to France 3 times since that first trip. The project is a growing success and we are excited about the increased opportunities it has made the Big Ron and Slim.

Check out this track from the release, a fantastic reinterpretation of one of Big Ron’s signature numbers.

Going For Myself  from Music Is My Home 

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