Diggin’: Big Ron Hunter – Going For Myself

inTheir Musicon May 25, 2017

Big Ron Hunter’s opening track “Going For Myself” on The Great Unknown exudes joy and confidence in the wake of finding himself on his own after his mother and father’s departure. The guitar lopes across syncopated rhythms punctuated by a bouncing bass. All the while, Big Ron’s smooth vocals bittersweetly recount the experience of facing the world alone. Big Ron finds refuge in spirituality, and the sense of security he finds therein is reflected in the freedom and exuberance of the song. Though his mother and father are gone, Big Ron sings “I’m out here on my own now / Trying to have a little fun.” Listening to this song will give you the same bittersweet feeling. While Big Ron’s lyrics are about finding refuge and eventually joy in the wake of loss, his music communicates the divine happiness he discovers. “Going For Myself” inspires the listener to face their own losses with the same sense of optimism and triumph.


— Jed Finley

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