Diggin’: Algia Mae Hinton – Snap Your Fingers

inDiggin'on November 17, 2015


Algia Mae Hinton has a voice like no one else. It’s rough around the edges, but so smooth and flowing at the core as she jumps around her wide vocal range. Her music exudes love, care, and an astonishing talent. “Snap Your Fingers” stands out to me as a song about love and heartbreak unlike any other. Just below the calm and delicate surface you can hear the passion, sorrow, and hope brewing. As Algia Mae croons, “I’d do anything to get back to you,” that powerful mix of emotion seeps into her voice. That depth is what sets Algia Mae apart, and what makes this layered song so unique. Even as she sings this melancholy song, her joy with music remains apparent. She recorded this track in the mid ‘80s for her album Honey Babe, but it is, without a doubt, timeless.

— Abigail

Algia Mae Hinton – Snap Your Fingers



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