Diggin’: Albert White – Ain’t It Funny How Time Slips Away

inDiggin'on December 15, 2016

Albert White has been around the musical block. He started playing in High School, rehearsing with his uncle, the R&B legend Dr. Feelgood. When he and his buddies got together their own band, they all started out with guitars. Eventually one guy had to put it down for a keyboard, the other for a bass, the other for drums and so on. As a mentor, this band, The Rockers, had Atlanta’s music scene including Dr. Feelgood, Lou Rawls arranger Thomas Stewart, Grady Fats Jackson, the guy who blew two saxes at the same time and others. On top of that, Atlanta was and is a regular stopover for acts touring the East Coast. Albert opened for and often was hired to play with these national acts including Stevie Wonder (Little Stevie Wonder at the time), The Tams, The Shirelles, Ray Charles and many others. 

It is such a pleasure to be on tour with him. He is the consummate professional. On the EU tour several weeks ago, one of his song selections is Willie Nelson’s “Ain’t It Funny How Time Slips Away” The song is a selection from his recent release Albert White and the Rockers. The people must be liking it because most of shows are nearly sold out. Albert imbues this song with Atlanta soul and it makes you realize the slim differences between Country and Soul. How do you think they differ?

— Aaron Greenhood

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