Diggin’: Albert White – A Song For You

inTheir Musicon February 2, 2017

Albert White started the Rockers with a group of his high school buddies. At the time, they all played guitar, so they began with the division of labor. Albert got to stick with the guitar and his buddies put their’s down to pick up bass and drums. From the time they were 15, they were taking cues from Albert’s uncle, the R&B legend Piano Red. Albert would play in his uncle’s band and carry back everything he learned to his ragtag group of friends. That was the beginning of something beautiful. That group of friends played together for the next 50 years. House parties, lounges, nightclubs, weddings, corporate functions, etcetera. They made it a point to learn every song that was in the top 40. Whatever was on the radio, they’d play. On Albert’s recent record “Albert White and the Rockers” you can hear the soulful stamp they put on every song they played.

Albert White and Little Joe bring us back to the heyday of the Rockers this Friday at The Bullpen in Durham at 7pm. The show is free and as always, for every beer you drink, $1 will go to Music Maker Relief Foundation. Find out more here: www.facebook.com/TheBullpenATC/
— Aaron Greenhood

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