Diggin’: Alabama Slim’s “Mr. Charlie”

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Alabama Slim is one of many Music Maker artists that knows how to tell a story. Storytelling can be just as much a source of subject matter as it can be a delivery technique. The song “Mr. Charlie” off of the album The Mighty Flood has subtle elements that help bring vivid details to a portion of Slim’s travels as a young man. You see, Slim was staying and working on a “Mr. Charlie’s” sawmill when one day he came to find the entire mill had gone up in flames. As Slim approaches Mr. Charlie, who is busy eating lunch, to explain what’s going on, Slim’s nervous. Slim’s voice quivers as he attempts to butt into Mr. Charlie’s conversation. “Hey Mr. Charlie…,” but no response. He tries again “Hey Mr. Charlie…,” but is ignored once more. Each time Slim asks, his nervousness is emphasized with a shaky and shivery delivery.

“Mr. Charlie” has a form that’s half song, half conversation, but the balance is spot on. It delivers in a real way and gives light to the travels of a young blues man. Listen through to find out what happens to Slim after finally grabbing Mr. Charlie’s full attention.

— Berk

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